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Hi there,

I'm hoping for some advice on the best way to go about using 360 controllers on the PC. In my view the 360 controller is the best gamepad ever (yes even better than the original Sidewinder), the most recent incarnation with the new Dpad even more so, therefore I want to use them on the PC but am not clear on the right setup.

The options are:
Use wired controllers
Pros - Definitely compatible, cheap option
Cons - Wired, no new Dpad

Use official wireless PC controllers
Pros - Mostly compatible, wireless
Cons - No new Dpad

Buy wireless dongle and new 360 controllers
Pros - Best pads, wireless
Cons - Compatibility? Cost

One official wireless controller and one new 360 controller
Pros - Cheaper than above, at least one new controller
Cons - Compatibility? Odd pads

So, I'd really appreciate it if some of you could share with me their 360 controller setups and let me know how it's working for them. Particularly if they're using the new pads.



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The new one is a big con, and makes no difference really.

Just get yourself a couple of official wireless pads and a dongle.


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Im using a custom red painted wired 360 pad which for me works great, I like the wired ones a little better than the wireless ones as they dont have the battery pack on the back but wireless pads work just as well.


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I think you're looking into it far more than you need to mate :) If you want 360 pads, they all work out of the box, wireless or wired. So either go for wired, old wireless with adaptor, new wireless with adaptor, depending on your needs and cost.

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Check the FAQ at the top of this section. It has a good thread on this in it.


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I've got a 360 pad and wireless dongle - works great on the games I've tried.
A bit of shopping around and you might get the pack with both at a good price.


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Been after a xbox controller for my pc too.

I presumed a wireless one would work in a pc with the play & Charge cable plugged in, but it won't, (roumers were the new silver controller actually does this, and MS will release drivers for the current wireless controllers, but could be rubbish and waiting for driver releases could be months if not years anyway)

So its just deciding whether to go wireless & dongle or wired.

I'll choose wired cos there's no need to keep charging batteries and its cheaper to just buy a wired controller as oppose to a wireless controller & a wireless pc dongle.

Also i guess it depends if your bothered about wires or not. :)


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I went wireless...

People might say something about the battery life but it is fine :)

Can you not use the play/charge battery anyway? Maybe not to play while charging but at least it would be a battery pack

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i just use a couple of eneloops. I don't use the 360 controller on a PC nearly as much as you'd use a normal console controller, as some games use a mouse etc, so batteries tend to last a long time anyway.

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Can you not use the play/charge battery anyway? Maybe not to play while charging but at least it would be a battery pack

Yeah you can use the play and charge kit as i used to when i was using wireless.


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Its worth popping into your local Game store and getting a second hand one. Cost me around £12 for a pre-owned wired pad back in october. :)
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Of course you could always have a browse through the xbox classifieds on here as well :)


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Another thumbs up here for wireless. I had a "spare" 360 controller that hardly ever gets used so syncing it up to the £10 wireless dongle is a one-off. Windows found the drivers by itself (running W7 64 bit Pro).

Battery life is good (I use rechargeable AAs) and I use XPadder for the odd game where native support is non-existent or shaky (e.g. Oblivion).


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just be warned not all onboard usb controllers can happily run the crossfire adapter.

I have not tried it on my new pc so maybe newer chipsets have a bit more oomph, but my 2 gaming pcs before my sandybridge both had trouble working properly and i ended up having to use a powered usb hub.

I just use my wired pad now.

when the crossfire adapter works however it is great.

Sega Mega Dave

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LazyGit Game sell them for £16 and in stock.


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Blockbuster do official wired pads for a tenner when theyre in stock.

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