Question Xbox 360 Controller Stick Drift... In One Game


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So as the title somewhat says, I think my 360 controller has developed stick-drift on the left thumbstick.

This is apparent when I play only ONE game in particular, which happens to be Star Trek the Video Game.

Whichever character I play as, they always walk forward continuously until I gently tap the thumbstick. I can can move the stick just a tiny amount and they keep walking forward. Now, I've tried this on various other "3D movement" games, such as Lollipop Chainsaw where UP is forward, and there is NO problems at all. It only seems to occur in Star Trek.

So I purchased another controller, used, off eBay. It's a bit beat up so I was just going to swap around the boards inside. I tested the other controller... and it has the SAME problem, exactly the same. And again, it only happens in Star Trek and no other game.

I'm quite confused by this, how two different controllers can have the same problem with the same game.

What on Earth could the problem be? Is the game bugged? Is my Xbox 360 bugged? Is something wrong with the wireless connection? Does anyone have any ideas how this is happening? Thanks.

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Firstly, some games are more sensitive to stick movement.
Secondly, you probably didn't do yourself any favours getting a second hand controller. Especially if it was beaten up.
The only way to correct stick drift is by replacing the part of the board with a brand new part.
They're apparently available online.
I was fortunate enough to be able to get a brand new Xbox360 controller a couple of years ago, but even with only moderate use(as the Xbox One is my main console) it still has slight drift in the left stick.
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