Xbox 360 contrast levels

Johnny Cass

Trying to set my contrast levels on my xbox 360 using the avshd 709 test patterns and the dve disk.

But i cant seem to get the xbox to make anything above 235 to disappear all bars seem to be flashing.

I had the problem with the ps3 for ages but i had y pb/cb pr/cr super white enabled for ages and when i figured this out i had no more problems with it.

Is there anything more i can do.

Im getting a eye-one lt this week so i can do i bit more with it. starting to really enjoy it but mybe sorting this will help me to understand it a bit better.

Johnny Cass

Sort have found an answer the xbox is displaying 0-255 instead of 16-255

how to you calibrate to these settings?

Johnny Cass

ok i have found when you bring the brightness up to display all the black from 0-255 you can then use the contrast contols and see the image stop at 235. Why is the pic all washed out when displaying all natural colours?

Is there a way to calibrate the xbox 360 correctly or is it just a matter of taste and im just wasting my time?
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I think there was a thread in the 360 section
Just trying to locate for you

I belive its something to do with the HDMI output settings (Expanded, Normal etc)

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