Xbox 360 Component or HDMI through receiver? (Upconversion Question)


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My understanding is that most receivers simply "pass through" an HDMI signal, unmodified, yet receivers will upconvert lower-resolution analog (component) signals to 1080p. If I have an Xbox360 that has an HDMI output available and I'm running it through a receiver like the Denon AVR2809CI, does it make more sense to actually run the component video cables so the receiver will upconvert the video to 1080p? From what I read, the Xbox360 is only capable of 720p or 1080i output. Or do you know if this (or other mid-range receivers) will actualy upconvert an HDMI source? Thanks in advance.


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most of the games are 1080i / 720p but i think the 360 is 1080p thats why they started using hdmi instead of the component.


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Thanks for the answer. If games or other content is lower resolution than 1080p, does it make sense then to still output via component and utilize the receiver to upconvert to 1080p? I am thinking of when I download movies from the Xbox Live Movie store. Some are HD (720p) and if I use HDMI, my TV will show the 720p image. If I went with component through my receiver, I think the receiver would actually do the processing and upgrade that 720p image to 1080p image. Is that right?

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