Xbox 360 Case Modding Question


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I had to take my xbox apart to fix red ring, and it was a complete success and runs perfectly now. I figured that since I took it apart completely, I might as well mod the case.

I have a super old xbox. I don't remember the exact date, but it doesn't have an HDMI port, so my question is:

Will this fit on an xbox without an HDMI port if it "comes with a built-in HDMI port" ?


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You cannot use a non-HDMI 360 motherboard inside a case designed for an HDMI capable board. The multi AV port was raised higher so that the HDMI port could be placed underneath it, therefore an old board will not align properly.

Hope you haven't already ordered it.

Dinky Dragon

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The link I provided was for the non HDMI and it is cheaper from a better source. Hel be ok if he gets it ;)

Dinky Dragon

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Hey no worries dude, have a good new year!

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