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Xbox 360 capture card help.


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Hey everyone,

I am looking to buy a capture card for my 360 but i need one that can record on pal 60.

Aswell as pal 60 i need it to be compatable with windows vista, i had an easycap one but couldnt get it in colour through vista, i saw a method how to record it in colour on windows movie maker but the capture feature has been removed on the new vista version.

So i was looking for a new capture card that can record on pal 60 on vista that can easily be installed.
or... if anyone knows how to get easycap usb 2.0 working on vista then that would be a blessing :D (like a capture program or something)

cheers in advance


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It may not help, but the only program I could get to capture colour 60HZ Forza 2 with my Happauge PVR150 in Vista was ChrisTV. Took a bit of fiddling but there is a trial available so maybe worth a try.


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ADS Xpress video 1100

I think this capture device works. You can get it from Comet, but that's the only place I can find it. I'm trying to do the same thing. I'm trying to make a Halo 3 machinima, but my laptop runs on Vista.

I'm looking at a capture card called
Diamond VC500 One Touch Video Capture Device

It has no Vista support, but the only down side to using it on Vista that I can see is that the speech goes out of sync with the video. But that's not a problem for me considering that the characters in Halo 3 have no faces lol.

This is part of a review for the Diamond one touch regarding Vista:

I also found that the software that comes with it is a bit buggy with Vista. It changes the color scheme when you open it up, which causes your screen to go blank for several seconds. Then, if your computer goes to sleep while you're recording, you can't get it to wake up and have to completely restart which is a huge pain. But then again, if your computer is set to go to sleep after 20 minutes, it won't matter because by then the video and audio will be WAY out of sync (it gets progressively worse as time goes on, starting to be noticeable after 3-4 minutes).


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There are a few component ones available, for best quality.


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The new Happauge HD PVR which can record HD via component to MP4 should work, and it is fully Vista compliant. However it costs a fair chunk.

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