XBox 360 can you get internet browsing ?


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Hoping someone can confirm whether the Premium 360 allows you to connect to the internet for browsing purposes. I know you can connect to any PC on your LAN if you have media centre installed and browse for music and files etc.

It would be nice to have this capability on my Pio plasma.

Any help/info would be of great help as I am getting one for Xmas


Captain Speedy

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Well, that ended this thread quickly!

I hope they do an update some time to let you though, even just a simple browser - if the PSP can handle it.... And don't the Wii and PS3 both have browsers too?

I'll not be too fussed if they don't release a browser though, would be nice, but as long as the games are good I don't really care, that's the main thing.


One problem though, browsing the net with your console will open it up to attacks - unless they produce a firewall/antivirus software for the console. Personally i wouldnt use the console to browse the web.


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It would come in useful for certain things, e.g checking email when you cannot be bothered to start up the PC. I do this on my psp though so I can live without it.

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