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XBOX 360 Bargain Pages

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by goldandblack, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. goldandblack


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    Hi all.

    I picked up (Didn't Buy) a copy of the BARGAIN PAGES yesterday which is a Mildlands Based, twice weekly, paper that you can advertise your products for sale

    In the Wolverhampton eddition there were 2 Xbox 360 systems for sale

    One (i assume) was a core system with 1 game and was in at £250, the other was a premium but didnt have a price.

    So this might be a glimmer of hope to some local lad who is looking to buy and doesn't want to get ripped off on E-Bay.

    Bargain Pages have a web-site, i think you can search through the adds on line, its www.bargainpages.co.uk

    I didn't buy the paper so havn't got phone numbers etc, and this is the first chance i have to post this morning.

    You never know, they may still be for sale, and if you live Wolverhampton/Birmingham area this could still be a possible solution

    Cheers Guys

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