XBOX 360 and Surround Sound, best option?



I want to have a home cinema set-up, but also have surround sound for my xbox I figured that I would just buy the speakers for the 360.

However I need some help. I have a samsung 32M61 but would like the ability to use two of the speakers at least for normal TV watching, i.e. NTL digitial, as I feel the internal speakers on the TV are good but would like better sound hence use two speakers (L/R) from the 5:1 set-up......

Also in the future I may buy the Samsung DVD 950 player and connect through HDMI....

So what are the best options to have this set-up, i.e. the 360, TV (with two speakers) and samsund DVD player? Should I get an amplifier...don't know much about these

Another scenario, if I was to only get the suround sound speakers for the 360 now do I need to get ones that are plugged to a powers source, i.e. a wall socket?


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Get a dolby digital av receiver. You can then have xbox in 5.1, dvd in 5.1, ntl/sky etc in dolby pro-logic:thumbsup:


Thanks, can you recomend one and how much do they generally cost?


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You can pick up amps/receivers from a couple of hundred quid - you really need to decide what you're budget is.


Well 300 Euro would be fine, does anyone have one that they can recommend?

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