Xbox 360 and Optoma H27?


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Hey, this is my first post
Does anyone know how the Xbox 360 looks on the H27? I know it wont be HD or anything but Im just curious. I ordered the H27 a couple days ago. (screenshots would be nice)


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I ran my XBOX 360 with a Optoma H30 for a while, similar sort of spec to the H27 although different DLP chip but I have to say I wasn't disappointed with the picture. It was much better than what I was expecting.

However after hooking the 360 to a mates Sanyo Z3 the extra resolution did make a worthwhile difference but maybe not quite as much as I was expecting.

If you can afford the extra outlay a native 720P projector is better but once lost in the action on a big screen, the truth is you probably won't notice that much difference.

The H27 is a fine machine. :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the reply :)
I'm just a poor 17 year old that worked his butt off for this projector, so 720p is out of the picture, I can only dream


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Keep your eyes open for 2nd hand bargains and you'll probably get lucky sooner or later!

Enjoy your combo m8!


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hi i dont have a 360 but i do have a h27 with sky hd running through componant and the picture is very nice you would not be disapointed
i know it should not be but when i compare standard sky to hd the picture is better even on a none hd dlp chip
i am a very happey h27a owner but i will upgrade to a hd projector in a few years time

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