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Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by CatManDo, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Hi there,

    Just wanted some advice, I went to my Brother-in-laws last night to try and get him hooked up for 5.1 sound, I've given him my old Sherwood 6095 amp and he has ordered some 5.1 speakers from fleabay.

    Anyone I went last night to try and get him ready, to just mess around with we connected some hi-fi speakers to the amp as fronts and I proceeded to connect his TV, DVD and Xbox to the amp.

    Seeing as this old amp only has one co-ax and one optical input I connected the DVD via co-ax and the Xbox via an old optical cable I had. I changed the setting in the Xbox to Digital but the amp just flashes on the Optical input as if it is not receving a signal, if I plug the optical cable out of the amp it has a red light shining through (as if it is picking up a signal from the xbox) but nothing works. We tried another MS AV cable to no joy, the only thing I didnt have another one of to try was the optical cable, do you think that is dodgy or could it be the amp is knacked on the Optical input?

    I know it wont work properly with just two speakers but it should have picked up something surely?

    Any advice? Should I get him to buy another optical cable? (theres no way I'm crawling behind my setup to get one of mine to try!)

    Hope this makes sense!


    ** Update, hes just been and bought a new optical cable off his own back this morning and hey presto it works! The old optical cable I gave him must have been dodgy.

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