Xbox 360 and Acer X1160


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I recently bought an Acer X1160 projector. I connected my xbox 360 to the projector via yellow video component, but when I start the projector up the xbox display has next to no colour and has big block lines going down the screen. But when I change the xbox 360 display settings from 50khz to 60khz the display is perfect. But my games do not play on 60khz.

By this I know it does work with my projector but just not on 50khz....any solutions? the projector has a VGA. S-Video and Video component input.

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Then use Component HD. does the Acer X1160 support 720p? if not then use the component to run in SD and it should give a better picture.


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The yellow connection is composite and the worst quality connection. I would try it on S Video or VGA with a suitable cable. It does not have the usual 3 phono component connection.

x liddy x

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I'd say get the xbox 360 VGA cables, it says you projector will support 1280x720 but will downscale it to 800x600. It will look a lot better than using Composite.

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