Xbox 360 4Gb - internal storage device problem


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Just got a new 360 4Gb today and having a bit of a problem. While using the console an error message will sometimes come up saying: "A required storage device has been removed. Your console will now restart".

I am not sure what to do as the storage device to my knowledge can't be removed and when it restarts it seems to be fine, until it happens again.

Really confused so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Olly,

First of all, welcome to AVF :thumbsup:

If you're having problems with it then my advice would be return it to where you purchased it from and look to get it replaced. From what you say it's been faulty since leaving the box and in my opinion it's just not worth the effort of trying to find a work around or solve yourself.

Where did you get it from?
If a high street store then package it back up and take it down, do your best to find out how to re-create the problem and maybe take a picture or video if it makes it easier.
If from an e-tailer (bought online) then start the motions of arranging for it to be picked up and replaced, again providing as many details as possible.

Hope this helps, please feel free to reply with any questions and of course to keep us updated :smashin:


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Thanks for your reply. I think I'll pack it up and take it back then. Got it free with a mobile phone so should be interesting... I have taken your advice and took a photo of the screen. Hopefully I'll be back on the forum without a problem!


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We bought our son an xbox 360 4GB with Kinect, it has this error constantly. Above it mentions to make sure the hard drive is installed correctly, but we did not have to install any hard drive, I presume it is already installed inside the box, and I am not willing to un screw the box to mess with it.

I have gone into the settings to try a format, but even when I do this, I get the error saying a device has been un plugged, and the machine must be re started.

Another thing I noticed, is it says there is 3gb of space, but its a 4gb box, I understand some space may be used for setup information, but 1gb surely not ?

Below are some screen shots of the error , is this what others have experienced ? I think its time to pack it back up and send it back to the shop, just cannot find the receipt, GULP !


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