XBOX 1 Xtender - UK Compatible?


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I notice a number of people selling the Xtender on Ebay for the first generation XBoxes. Just a couple of questions if possible?

Is there any reason why this wont work on a UK Xbox 1 console?

If it does work (UK or US machine) can Live TV be watched, or only pre-recorded content, or other content from the HDD on the Media Cente?

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The xbox needs to be modded and then it does work. Only problem is there is stuttering on C4 and E4 (both live and recorded).


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By modded, do you mean allowing the Xbox to run US software?

Any idea what causes the stuttering?

Do you know what the difference is between the Xbox 360 and the first gen Xbox in terms of the Xtender feature? or are they very similar?

Will the remote for the Xbox Xtender bring the Media Centre out of stanby if required? - And what is performance like over WLAN?

Can you clarify that this setup can handlelive TV as well as just recorded content?

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Yes - software or hardware mod to enable use of US discs.

Stuttering apparently caused by the way C4 and E4 broadcast, not being compatible with V1 xbox.

Compared to xbox360 they are very similar (as far as I know) but xbox v1 not powerful enough for hi def video.

No the remote for extender is different to the standard MCE remote.

Yes both v1xbox and xbox 360 MCE extenders do provide live and recorded tv.


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AFAIK the stuttering on C4 & E4 is only if you are using a DVB-T (Freeview) card. Certainly I get no problems feeding MCE from a Sky digibox.

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