having asked numerous questions at premodded and also xbox scene and not a single person replying to me, i need some help. where on earth can i get xbmc. is there something im missing and no one is allowed to say where i can get it from or the programme doesnt actually exist or something. if you cant say on here then email me at [email protected]

no one can host it because the compilers used to compile the code they write is owned by M$, if they host they'll get shut down.

Instead there are conveluted ways of getting the executable files via ftp with instructions given in some IRC chat room.

But I got it via eMule.
Can i ask a silly question but what is Xbmc and what does it allow you to do ?
Xbox Media Centre is an evolution of Xbox Media Player. They basically turn your Xbox into - wait for it - a media centre.

As an example I use XBMP to:

- play music and videos held on my main "media server" PC, streamed via a network to the Xbox and onwards to plasma
- display photos as above on the Xbox
- Launch games saved to my Xbox Hard drive
- Watch Digital terrestrial TV streamed live from my Nebula card in my "media server" PC to my Xbox (very new and pretty interesting)
- FTP between PC and XBox
- Run lots of other interesting apps, like emulators, video mode selectors and the like
- Occasionally listen to internet radio.

Importantly, I have the box connected via the HD kit to my plasma. So I'm also getting a good quality picture.

I don't count myself as a sophisticated user - I'm only really scratching the surface. I couldn't do without it though.

iirc net #xbins



These are the most common places.....
Wow sounds amazing.

I'm too scared to mod my xbox though :(
i though the words "dont ask for xbox software" were clear enough.

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Originally posted by Games Guru
Wow sounds amazing.

It is:)
a very nice step-up from media player IMO. It is taking time to get used to the remote button changes though :D

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