XBMC Volume output very low.

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by Rock Danger, Jun 14, 2009.

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    Just for giggles I set up (eventually) media centre on my Xbox via Win7, but while playing back audio and video, I noticed the vol output to be ridiculously low.

    Not like a standalone DVD player you understand, they always need a few notches up on the vol due to the disc mastering. The xbox needs cranked way up to the point were you don't wanna accidentally switch sources for fear you end up covered in speaker cone.

    It's connected via ethernet cable from the router to xbox > HDMI + optical out > Onkyo 875. The lead has been modded in to allow the HDMI cable to connect also, but I highly doubt that's relevant.

    Even tried turning the inellivolume of the 875 right the way up and altho it's helped some, it's still a bit wick. This problem does exsist, just never actually seen someone put up an answer.

    Any ideas welcome,


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