XBMC - should I get HD cables?

richard plumb

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I use XBMC a lot for watching films/TV etc stored on a network drive. I currently connect via svideo, as all my equipment does that for easy switching.

I'll soon be upgrading the TV and probably getting a component switch. Will I get a much better picture by getting the MS component cables and using XBMC in 720p or 1080i?

Are there any issues with framerate playing normal divxes and upscaling them? Does the xbox do any better a job than a good TV would? any preference of 720p over 1080i?

I probably wouldn't play any games on it, as thats what my new Xbox 360 will be for :D


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I don't use XBMC myself, but my understanding is that through component it will look far, far better, whether it be for video or whatever.

I use the MS HD cables for playing games, having softmodded the 'box, and truly it is the bees knees in comparison.

Hope this helps! :D
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