X95J connecting to Marantz AVR


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Just bought a new Sony 65X95J. We're cord cutters so our TV/Streaming sources have been antenna and some streaming services on a Roku device. The 11 year old LG TV that the Sony replaced no longer supported any of the streaming apps, which is why I used the Roku. I also have a 5.1 surround sound system. The majority of the time, if we're watching a movie, we use the Marantz for sound. Now with the new Sony TV, I use the TV to stream the apps I use, because the picture is clearer coming from the TV than the Roku. My dilemma is; I want to watch/stream movies from the TV and play the audio through the AVR. My connections now are the same as when I had the LG; ARC from TV to AVR. Roku to HDMI3 on the AVR. Of course, now eARC. I'm a little embarrassed to say I don't understand why I can play music/audio from the Roku to the AVR but, not from the Sony to the AVR. I set the Sony to passthrough. If I change the "speakers" setting on the Sony from TV to "audio device", I get audio on the AVR (if it's on) but I get no sound from the TV if the AVR is off. To me, that's not "passthrough". Am I going to have to use an optical audio cable? Why can't I get passthrough sound using the TV and AVR?


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IIRC there is something to do with the HDMI ports being set to standard or advances (or something similar) on mine that got sound to my Marantz

Also, there’s an option to have PCM audio coming from the Sony or 5.1 somewhere, possibly same place.

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