Question X950h - Hdr and 4k Upscaling


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Hi all,
I'm close to purchasing the 49" Sony X950h but I have a question.
Are hdr and Dolby vision features independant from selected resolution?

For instance, if I'm using the [email protected] feature on this tv, does the hdr or Dolby vision diminish in quality from the upscale? Are these features always better at a native resolution? Or are these features always at their highest performance regardless of resolution or upscale process?

- space requires 49 or 50 inch and I sit 7 feet away from tv so the 1080p vs 4k difference at 120fps isn't a deal breaker
- avoiding oled burn in and price
- trying to take advantage of lower prices this month
- casual console gamer
- looking for top hdr capabilities in the qled along with 120fps within this tv size range

Thanks for your time!


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HDR is about contrast and upscaling blurs edges so yes, they may be very slightly sub-optimal.

You're talkng very small differences though, especially with the tiny size of 4K pixels.


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I have a sony TV with the X1 Extreme. The TV you want has X1 Ultimate (one step up)

The quality of upscaling diminishes at 120hz a bit (noticably) using my TV at 1080p and 1440p with my desktop. Small fonts at 60hz and under look like the display is actually 1080p and 1440p (it couldn't be better), but at 120hz, there are some shadows on the edges of fonts, I guess it's called ringing or something.

You'll have to ask Sony. If they can't answer, it's trial and error. Or someone who has it and has used it at 120hz answering you - like me but with a different TV lol. I dont know if you're going to get lucky like that

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