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Looking for some insight. I am wanting to replace my family room tv. I have a line on 75" x950h.
It was the display tv, no remote, stand, or paperwork. Per the employee they leave them on 24/7.
So my calculation is maybe up to 9600 hrs on the tv, (24 hrs x 400 days just a guess).

What would be a killer deal on this tv ? What would make you pull the trigger to buy it?
I can get a new one with standard warranty thru greentoe for 1799..
Looking for insight. I am replacing a samsung 58" plasma. I don't want to spend OLED money right now.
Looking at 75" or bigger and the best bang for the buck. it going in a pretty bright room.

Thanks all.


You can check the hours in the service menu (still the same code as always). 9600 is quite a lot of hours, when 4 hours is what they use as average hours per day when calculating lifespan iirc. That would be over 6 years of use already (iirc that is) ...

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