X900H vs Q60t vs Q70t


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Hi there
I’m replacing my Samsung UN55KS8500F in my living room, upgrading to a 65” (and moving the 55 upstairs, it’s a great tv)

Originally, I was set to buy the Samsung Q60t- it was a smidge more than I wanted to spend but seemed worth it. I dove into more research and then thought maybe the 70t was worth the $200 upgrade. ... Then I came across the Sony x900h, has great reviews and specs (and is another $200 more, my max spend [the Q80t is too much].

I generally know the difference between the TVs (edge lit vs full array, etc) but the question I’m running into is - is the Sony worth $400 more than the Q60t? Will I as a casual viewer notice the difference? I’ve seen them in person and sure, I notice a bit, but it’s different in store. The living room isn’t a home theater but isn’t super bright either. I have an Apple TV so interface doesn’t factor.

And, I want to make sure what I get is as good as or better than what I have.


I'd keep your current TV until the price of the new Q90T or Q95T come down, or alternatively go for an OLED. Anything less would be too much of an downgrade when it comes to pure HDR impact since none can get as bright as your current TV.

The Sony X950H is also an option.

EDIT* as an example, the Sony X900H can reach around 800 nits which is almost half of the peak brightness of your current TV. Samsung Q90T/Q95T and Sony X950H are around 1500 nits.

Worth considering also that now is just a bad time to buy a TV, new 2020 models are overpriced, and your cash won't stretch as far as Black Friday 2020, or spring 2021.

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