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Hello everyone, i'm new here so please excuse any mistakes on my part.
I bought a couple of days ago a new X850F. Don't ask why, the price was good.
as a 4k hdr tv one would think that passing such a signal to it is easy.
apparently not.
I'm using a desktop as a source.
the best output I've managed was:
1) 4k (3840*2160) | 60Hz | 4:2:0 | 8bit
2) 4k (3840*2160) | 30Hz | 4:4:4 (full RGB) | 8bit
3) 4k (3840*2160) | 30Hz | 4:2:0 | 12bit

Unfortunately we can't have nice things so no display port on the tv, only sh*tty HDMI 2.0 .
I've read somewhere that you can do:
4k (3840*2160) | 60Hz | 4:2:2 | 10bit
which while still not the best is not a big compromise, as from what I've read movies and series
are mastered in 4:2:2.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
Is there a better alternative/solution to this that I'm not seeing?

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read!

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