X750H Motion Judder or Motion Stutter


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Recently bought the Sony - 55" Class X750H Series, and while this TV is great, I am experiencing either Stutter or Judder (not sure which) on mainly 24fps content. I don't currently use any apps - just straight cable or DVDs. I have tried a variety of settings but nothing clears this up including MotionFlow or CineMotion. Any advice is much appreciated. I'm ready to call Best Buy and swap this TV out with another.


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This is from the Rtings review:
The Sony X750H can only remove judder from 24p content, but not if it's from a 60p or 60i signal, or from native apps. Setting MotionFlow to 'Custom' and Clearness to maximum can help, but it won't remove the judder completely.
For a native 24p signal, like from a Blu-ray player, no additional motion settings are required.

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