X360 Wireless via Laptop?


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Hello all
Silly question undoubtedly, but here goes.

I've never connected my 360 to Live :eek: , and fancy giving this a try to see what all the fuss is about! (and get the updates).

Does anyone know if I can use my wireless laptop, connected to the 360 with an ethernet cable (standard I assume, not crossover) to access Live?

Unfortuanately my router is upstairs and I haven't yet got around to running the cables downstairs. Don't want to fork out for the official connector at this stage either. The wireless does have a good connection to the broadband router, however, so thought I may be able to use this as a hub/client.

Thanks in advance.


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:thumbsup: Yes this will work. I had the same setup for 2 months before i managed to get the £44.99 offer from GUS (minus 20% for the first order) for the Wireless Adapter.
Trick is to make sure the network adapters in the chain are all using DHCP (set to automatic settings for best results).


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yes it will work no problem just bridge the connection and u are away its what i did for a while


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Thanks all.
Gave it a go but can't get it to work at the moment - 360 cannot seem to locate an IP address, despite DHCP being on in the router.

May try a crossover ethernet cable, or have you chaps used standard network cables?



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Thanks for the info mate.
A useful site but unfortunately still can't get it to work :( .
Will keep trying though!


Th bridging guide on my site tells you what to do if it doesn't work (at the bottom of the guide) if it doesn't work after trying those suggestions it wont work at all.

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