X3 vs HD33 vs X30?


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I walked past Sevenoak Sound and Vision yesterday and noticed a poster in the window offering 50% off a X3 projector. I had been considering the HD33 but as the difference is now significantly smaller would it be worth spending the extra for a projector that was originally £3k plus?

Also I just noticed that the new X30 is a 4k projector. Would I be making a mistake investing in a 1080p projector now? Should we be expecting a lot of 4k ready machines this year and so should I wait until they're within my budget / my budget is increased?


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can you please let me know which branch it was offering 50% off rrp. off a jvc X3

that is now quite a lot less than we HD World dealers buy them for so i`ll have 50 :D

Also the X30 is not 4K, only the X70 & 90 have the 4k E-shift

i`d make certain what you see is what you actually get before splashing the cash ;)



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The X30 is not a 4k projector,the X70 has e-shift which simulates 4K but costs over twice the price of the X30.The only true 4k machine is the Sony 1000ES which is £20k.

True 4K machines will not be under £10k for at least 18 months and under £5k for 2-3 yrs.

If you want good 3D xtalk free get the HD33 if you want excellent 2D and occasional 3D which won't be as good as the HD33 get the X3 if it 's £1800 or less (half original price).
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