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x10dispatch : freeware X10 Alert -> MSN Messenger program

Discussion in 'Smart Home, Climate Control & Security Forum' started by x10dispatch, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. x10dispatch


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    Not entirely sure if this is pertainent to this forum since its more remote monitoring, but here you go :

    I have written a program that I wanted and though others might find it fun or useful too. There may be others out there but half the fun is writing with my features and no nags anyways. Plus I respond to my own future feature requests much better than other people

    It is a windows program that monitors x10 traffic and lets you configure alerts (messages) to be sent to an MSN user account when certain x10 events are triggered.

    You can configure sounds for each event (which play on local computer) which can be useful for audible verification of x10 events being properly raised (ok this feature is really for a HAL2000 effect). You can have triggers which play sounds, triggers which send msn messages, or triggers that do both.

    You can also remotely request a history of x10 activity and request your ip (for dialup users not firewalled).

    It requires a computer be turned on... i use a laptop. I can also tell the program to alert me when the power status changes. If power goes out, and my notebook switches to battery mode I will receive an alert that the power went out.

    You can get it here (forgive the crude webpage) :

    Oh yea, it was designed and tested for the X10 CM15A connected to an XP Computer via USB cable. The version of MSN tested was the XP default 4.7.

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