x10 via pronto - help?!


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Hi, jsut spent all day rewiring my living room incroporating some x10 lighting modules.

Im using a marmatek 7243 to pick up IR signals from a pronto 7000. Everything works manually on the marmitek (lights on/off dim + -) and after hugh amounts of searching i found some codes for the pronto...

All on / Off doesnt work at all. Dim up and down does work. The problem i have is the On and Off does work, but i have to hold the pronto's button down for a few seconds.

This means no macros will work, as you physcially have to hold the button down, ive tried increasing duration, repeating the command and also heard about joining multiple repeat code onto the main code on the pronto but it doesnt work?

Has anyone come across this, or does anyone have X10 lights working via a pronto tsu7000 / 6000 / ru980 etc? If so be great for some tips / codes???



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thanks for that, i actually already soured cdoes from remote central - they do work however you have to hold the button dwon for some seconds. I wondered if anyone else had got round this as it makes macros impossible (a macro cant be told to hold a button for 3 seconds).



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Must admit I'm using a TSU7000 and never had that problem, I've used X10 codes in Macros without a problem. If you want PM me your email address and Ill send you a copy of my PCF. You can also increase the duration of the send manually - If you're using a Learnt IR code, double click on the 'Learnt IR code' button (this is assuming you're using ProntoProEdit NG) and you should see the HEX of the actual code. Under this is a setting for duration, you can increase or decrease this but it'll need a bit of trial and error.

I'm not using a lot of X10 commands now but I 'think' the PCF still has the codes.


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