X1 - worth upgrading to HS50 ??


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HI all

your opinions please

I have an X1 (12 months now). V happy with it, very cinematic and great contrast. DOnt suffer from rainbows, only get slight headaches after 5 hrs+ viewing !!!

so....will I like an LCD HS50 ???...is it worth upgrading for the +1k upgrade price???

cheers :smoke: :hiya:


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I would have to say YES !!..The HS50 is definately aimed squarely at home cinema and not as a dual purpose pj like the X1 is ( pc presentations and home cinema). This will show itself mostly in it's video processing ability which will result in much smoother, less jagged , filmic pictures than the X1.
You could also look at the Infocus 4805 but as you say you do eventually suffer headaches with a DLP, you may want to change to LCD although the 4805 has a better colour wheel/speed than the X1.

Bristol Pete

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Well, to second oakley, the HS50 can be considered a big upgrade over the X1. The native 16:9 chipset is a major bonus as is the increase in the resolution.

As always, a demo is a must.

Cap :)


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Thanks for your replies

thats a YES so far then.

what about contrast ? The X1 is good at 2000:1 but not perfect
hs50 qoutes 6k but will I notice any great improvement ??

I agree that 16:1 would be a great benefit - this is one of the main reasons I am considering the upgrade, i just dont want to loose the smooth cinematic feel of my X1.

I will of course demo before buying...just doing the prelim at the mo.

anyone changed from DLP to hs50 ?
anyone had an X1 now have hs50 ?

Bristol Pete

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If you read my review of the HS50 you will note that I described it as very good - it seems to be as close to a DLP image as an LCD PJ can get so far, to me anyway. Very cinematic, loads of detail on show.

Seriously I would demo it though as there are differences between DLP and LCD and you may hate them.

The contrast ration of 6000:1 is unrealistic but it is definately ok.

Why not look at the 4805 which is the evolution of the X1. It too is a native 16:9 machine with 2000:1 contrast, loads of great feedback on here. Have demoed one and was very impressed. Personally, I suffer from eye problems with DLP hence my decision to stick with the HS50. The 4805 is a lovely PJ though, one that you should not discount.

Cap :)

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