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Hi, I have an Infocus X1, and wanted to check if replacement lamps have an 'install before' type expiry date.

Reason is, I've only got about 300 hours on my current lamp, but my in-laws live in the States but are leaving later this year, and wondering if its worth getting a replacement in advance (I know the exchange rate isn't as great, but it still seems to be much cheaper)

can anyone confim?

Thanks in advance


Paul Williams

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Hi willncc,

Neither the box, nor the lamp housing is date stamped on the X1 bulb. However, given that modern manufacturing standards require high levels of traceability, it would seem likely that the barcodes/numbers on both the box and lamp housing would indicate point of manufacture as well as identifying the product. The issue with bulbs is the short warranty from point of use, 90 days or 500 hours I believe for the X1. Quite how it would be judged that a bulb was still within this period or time frame has always been a bit of a mystery to me, should one be returned. Personally, I think you need to work out the expected life span of the bulb based on your average usage. For me this equates to 6 years! This is a very long time to have an expensive item sitting on the shelf. How long has it taken you to clock up 300 hours? If you do decide to buy, it would perhaps be worthwhile installing the new bulb straight away and hold your used bulb as a backup. Mine came bundled with a second bulb, which was installed at 200hrs when I did the first filter clean. This was on the recommendation of an IT person at work – where we currently run some 20 projectors. Whilst the replacement cost is high for a bulb this is usually offset against its life expectancy and if my X1 had not been supplied with a spare, I would not have purchased one ‘just in case’. I would put a little cash aside on a regular basis, based on the bulb lasting half as long as expected. Looking at the (US) Avsforum, there seems have be very few reported instances of X1's with premature bulb failure, so the likelihood is one of good service length – remember it is sold as a business machine and as such probably built to withstand abuse.

Others of course my disagree with the above.;)



Thanks for that Paul,

Guess I'm being alittle paranoid - I tend to rack up about 75 hours a month, which gives me a timeframe of just over 4 years. Probably be about time to upgrade by then!!



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Many people would think along the same lines as you regarding a spare bulb, I certainly would, however you may just find that come Spring and Summer you use the X1 much less than you do now.
Throw that into the equation and you may now be looking at five years.
At any rate in two or three years you'll probably be drooling over the current hot proj that by then costs less than you paid for the X1 now.

I bought a proj over 3 years ago for £3K, I sold it recently for £450 then paid just under £1100 for an Optoma H30 which is superior in every way.

Just my thoughts, MikeD


Cheers Mike,

Hadn't thought of the lighter evenings issue - might be a problem as we don't have a single TV in the house!! (do have black out blinds though)
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