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Apr 21, 2001
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The best thief you'll never see.

Wow was that the end of the Lone Gunmen surely not, I know the series bombed but I thought they could have use them again. Must have been all show??????
I was a bit shocked at the 'gunmen' being killed off. This is really the end of the x-files! Watched it from the start, going to miss it alot.
Deeply saddened by the passing of the Gunmen. I have watched their series from the start, including the "banned" pilot, and I have found it to be hugely entertaining. It's a pity only the two "eye-candy" characters survived.
I take it that episode supposed to be seen after the end of the Lone Gunmen had finished. At the beginning there was talk of Eva that did not seem to make sense (I missed the bit before the opening credits) also how could they be killed off and still appear in there owns series.
I’m still not sure if they are dead as people have turned up alive presumed dead before in this series, although every thing pointed to it being genuine.
Watched a few episodes of the Lone Gunmen, didn't like it as it seemed to be done in a 'tongue in cheek' way. It was to jokey, not serious enough, though the pilot episode sounds very serious. Why were they so skint at the end, Langley being the amazing hacker could have got them some money through some means!
It does seem more of a ruse than reality the way the Gunmen went down because it made no sense. They were trapped by fire doors which would in no way of prevented a viral contaminant from escape. Viruses can be so small as to be undetectable by enhanced vision.
I would've been quite happy for Jimmy to have gone down as he was the worst choice for addition to the Gunmen - a poor man's Brendan Fraser:eek: :mad:
The end made no sense with Scully giving away her baby in self-sacrifice, as the aliens could trace it easily enough. And the way it's heading it'd appear we are all screwed.
I also am not looking forward to the shows finish. Let's sob.
Did anyone watch the last ever episode of The Lone Gunmen then watch them in the X-Files. Did the two stories knit together? From what I can remember I did not quite, as they all where trapped in the basement, yet in the X-Files they where all free.
I couldn't get into the lone gunmen series, try as I might.

I see the last ever X-Files airs next thursday (26th Sept) on Sky as a 2 hour special. Old Mulder's back for the finale, I hope he's stopped whinging on about his sister:rolleyes:

It'll be a shame to see it go
what was the banned pilot??
i just hope that the last episode does actually tie all the loose ends up and not make you wait until the next movie to finish the stories
and when will they actually kill the smoking man (he must be half man/half cat hybrid the amount of time he has survived failed attacks)
once the series finishes i might as well get rid of sky as there will be nothing except family guy and king of the hill left to watch
Originally posted by slayerad2000
what was the banned pilot??

An attempt was made to fly a hijacked airliner into one of the towers of the WTC. It aired some months before the actual terrorist attack.

Not banned, so much as voluntarily 'withdrawn'.
Don’t forget the last ever X-Files ever, not unless they make a movie. Tomorrow 26th.
Well how many are not best pleased it did not come to any sort of conclusion?
We never even found out what they found out.:confused:
Well I certainly didn't appreciate the Sky One announcer opening her gob no sooner than a couple of seconds after the credits appeared!!! :mad:

Was it just me or did that last scene invlove so many double negatives I didn't know whether I was coming or going :confused:

To be honest I was confused from the moment I saw Mulder in good health and smartly dressed in his suit! :rolleyes:
For a split second I thought the Lone Gunmen were still alive. Nice of the imaginary Krychec to shut that great big door at the beginning.

Does this mean a movie in the offing?

At least The Prisoner was only 16 episodes before the make you mind up ending. This ran for 9? Years and say 26 a year that’s 234 episodes and they could not wind it up.:(
so in 9 years all we have really learnt is that there will be an alien invasion in 2012
everything that was a flashback we already knew,so maybe there will be a suprise in the new movie??????
at least smokie is dead?????
Originally posted by Garrett
Well how many are not best pleased it did not come to any sort of conclusion?

Even worse was the program itself. Chris Carter probably let his young kids write the script as a school essay. Very poor, but in view of the decline of X Files over the last few years, thank goodness it's now finished.
Have to agree with Ian. I watched the X-Files last night for the first time in about 2 years and was really disappointed. Nothing changes: Mulder is still morose, Skully is confused as usual (and she is now a porker too :eek: ) and the storyline is still full of holes. Can't believe how ancient Robert Patrick was too.

Only good part was when the "kid who reads minds" pointed out the alien at the end of the line of judges.....then they just drag Mulder away and NO-ONE bothers to look at him twice, ever!

very poor ending IMO. :(
Skully is confused as usual (and she is now a porker too )
Blasfamy :D

It was a very poor last episode. just when you think they are going to let you know everything, it ends and you end up being none the wiser. The first hour was just flashbacks telling the story of the x-files up to the point of the trial. and then they had 40 mins to tie it all up... and it just didnt happen. It was left so unfinished. So are we to beleve aliens are already on earth and in the halls of power?? I was left too :confused: and as for the ad breaks every 15 mins, ruined any sence of suspence they may have been trying to build.

Very dissapointed


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