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Apr 21, 2001
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The best thief you'll never see.
What the heck was X-Files about on Thursday, or to be repeated Monday with Burt Reynolds in it. SPOILER was he causing the murders, and what the heck was the last sequence about with the two old blokes singing like a scene out of a musical. This seems to have been the stupidest one so far; what with all the agents bending their heads in synchronisation.:confused: :confused: :confused:
Well im glad it was not just me who did noot get it
I watched it last night as had taped it. Head hurt afterwards.

No doubt some one will come up with some clever and psychological way of explaining it. But until then I have not got a clue.
Best episode I've seen in a long time, if only they had all been like that rather than the interminably dull 'mytharc' ballocks.

Does it matter what it was about? Surely it would only confuse if one started with the assumption that it should all 'make sense' in the first place. Perhaps it was Chris Carter giving the 'finger' to everyone who sits and analyses the show! It certainly entertained (me) and made me smile.

Burt could've been:

The Devil
An Angel
A Fallen Angel
Physical embodiment of fate
Physical embodiment of chance/probability
It was midly up beat but still would have liked to know what I had watched for 44 minutes.
When I posted it I thought somebody would think it great.

Analysis it analysis it. I just wanted to know what the hell was going on. Think someone had a brainstorm.
I gave up on X-files long ago, just watched it on Sky now........ very amusing episode, much more interesting in the run of the mill stuff it seemed to be after a few seasons.

I go for Burt being probability, he seemed pretty neutral :)

As for the story, I think you were not meant to understand it, was much more a depiction of random events (tieing in with probability perhaps?).
it was weird whatever you say!
I must say this last series of X-Files is much like season 1/2 and how it used to be when it was good.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this series (although I did skip through some of the more weird scenes in this episode - particularly the singing at the end).

Pity its the last series :-(

If you think tht was weird did anybody see the roswell wher ethey did it like a 50's sci-fi comendy al-la bewtiched/I dream of Jenie etc.

Now that was weird - we lent the tape to somebody, let them watch it all, and asked for a plot synopsis so we could fit it into the rest of the season - we could just not watch it.
Now I enjoyed the Roswell 'Bewitched' bit and it did make a certain amount of sense (in a fun way). As for the X-files I'm with the majority - no idea what was going on. I agree you don't have to understand every bit of a show to enjoy it, but I hadn't got a clue about that episode (glad I'm not alone).

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