X Files Box Set Price Reductions still happening?


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I checked the UK Amazon site a couple of weeks ago and they showed all seasons of the X Files would be re-released this month in digipacks at a price of something like £35-£39.

Just checked again yesterday - and again today - and there's no longer any sign of those sets. All they have are the full price versions.

Has Fox cancelled the cheaper promotion or postponed it?:(


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I saw that - kinda worried, cos I really wanted them!!! Was gonna buy them, then a mate said they had taken them down :(

Hope they become cheap again!


whats the problem with R4s? Ive used dvdcrave stacks and been delighted with the speed, quality of packaging and discs indistinguishable from uk or us discs quality wise and at £25 quid a box set too, bring it home daddy!


Hi, I recently received series 5 from DVD Crave at a cost of about £36 all in. Whilst I was very pleased with their service I personally found the pakgaging to be crap (in a word) - especially compared to the original releases. It is very cheap looking with gaudy colours, the retaining plastic on the amarays is like shrinkwrap and is all crinkled and the box has a details leaflet stuck on with tape.
I think I will stick to buying the original collector's editions s/h.

Joe Pineapples

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thats strange dluckman

i've got seasons 1 -7 (so far), and season 6 is the region 4 version. Also got a R1, and the rest are R2. Now all are in the original 'classic' packaging, and there is no quality difference at all with the R4 one - as excellent as the others (packaging and disks).




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Oh no! Thats terrible news!
I was putting off buying 2nd hand ones from ebay and not buying from cd-wow, as i was waiting for these cheaper versions to come out. and now i dont wanna buy from cd-wow cus i'll probably get custom charges. :mad:

Oh, both my R4 are armary boxes, and the plastic does seen a little thin on them now u mention it.

Joe Pineapples

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My season 6 is in the original digipak (fold-out) type box, so i guess i must have got lucky then. I'd have been well pi**ed off if it had been different


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