X-Files Bargains


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Play.com are doing it again.....

Each season of the X-Files is £14

positive bargain.


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what is m-lock?


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KevD said:
Still only £12.95 delivered at ChoicesUk :thumbsup:
Unfortunately there's a delay on the X-Files boxsets at ChoicesUK. I ordered Season 4 the day they started the promo - I'm still getting emails apologising for the delay. Apparently they're due to get some more on the 13th March, according to their latest email.

If you're like me and can wait, then that's fine - but I know some people on here will want theirs ASAP! :D

- Gordon


all my choices x-files orders came immeadiately, guess its just luck of the draw.
think i might order the last couple series next week, even tho i know they arent great. if only for a sense of completeness :)


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What's the general view of each of the seasons?

I have only watched the first couple of episodes of season 1. Its watchable but it doesn't grab me yet. 24 and Alias make a much bigger impression in my view.

Agreed its early - does it become more like a story than a series of short stories?



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The first series was just a mismash of episodes.
Chris Carter only started making a proper storyline from Series 2..
The acting begins to look better, the production smoother etc..
Its no different to looking at Series 1 of most TV programmes from 1993-1994.
ie... Friends series 1 .

Indiana Jones

Definitely stick with it, I got the Season 1-9 Boxset back in October and over afew weeks I worked my way through all 50+ discs, best money I have ever spent :thumbsup:

Indiana Jones

lovemunkey187 said:
Has anyone experienced the "Mrs Henderson Phenomenon" in season 6?
Afew people have, check out the thread called 'X-Files Seasons just £12.99 each at Amazon UK'

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