X BOX Wireless controllers

Nic Rhodes

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Anyone have any comments on these? I have just had a play with a rubberize one that is the same size as the S contoller, Gamers Freeplay or something (£35 to £40), it was rather nice I thought, others? Logitec?


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the wireless controllers are godd for offline use only if you want to use the XB on live then you will need standard controller as the IR device has not enough width to provide the voice comm
for xbox live and any voice comm team control as on R6 single player

Nic Rhodes

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Don't do 'live' only off line for friends and family, is there much difference in these wirelless controllers?


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I have the rubberized Game one. Had it since xmas. Hasn't run out of batteries and works a treat. Video sender units stop it from working. I can't imagine life without it now. Ravelling and unravelling wires really annoy me.



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If you do a search on 'Wireless Controller' you'll find quite a few threads. Here's one of the main ones


I have a couple of the Logitech ones and find them fantastic. Very substantial, great feel to buttons etc, great battery life, full vibration and no lag whatsoever.

Not sure I'd buy any now though as I reckon we may see someone bring some new ones out before long with headset support. But of course, if you don't use Live or voice feedback games then this won't be an issue.

Nic Rhodes

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Thanks Messiah, I had seen these already having done the search but wondered whether there was any new info to add. Looks like they are all pretty decent quality so I guess I will support the local guy :)

Richard Harnwell

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I bought the £40 one ("4 gamers" I think) from Game, and it stopped working that evening after about 2 hours of play. I also didn't like the feel of it.
I'd also previously had the PS2 version of this (£40 again). It stopped working after a day, so I got it replaced with one which stopped working after a week

I have now purchased a Joytech (Cordless Neo 's') one from play for £18 (yes that is the right price!). I've been using it for a few weeks now, and I'm well happy. The only slight downside is that the rumble isn't very powerful. It doesn't work with 2.4Ghz videosenders, but I guess that's a general problem with any controller using that frequency (makes me nervous about getting a wireless network though).

At that price, I'm contemplating another 3 for when the friends are over for Halo sessions!

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