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Mr Zippy

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Hi again,

In an earlier post I shared my probs in connecting Xbox live to my hub - that is now resolved. Moving onto my next prob. My son had this for Xmas so that he could play Fifa 09 on line and we bought him a 12 month sub for this. FIFA 09 is a +3 age game. We registered Live using my son's age (ok a silly blunder), but we did not envisage this issue. I am my son's worst enemy again! I have tried to re-register using my name, but it only recognises my son as the person to whom the account is registered; even though I had to set up a credit card verification process.

I may try to get a refund from Xbox Live or secure its agreement to re-register in my name - poss forlorn hopes.

Is there a solution to this or have I just blown £48?

Yours ever hopefully. :rolleyes:


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So what exactly is your problem? Can't you play Fifa '09?

AFAIK the Email you sign up with is the age they think you are, so as long as its 3+ then it should work!

I think you can change the email address associated with it, if you can change it to one that is 18+

If that doesn't work, or you have done it another way (i don't know, I signed up for Xbox Live Xmas two years ago) try phoning them up (good luck :p) and explaining to them you entered the wrong age, and you have a credit card to prove who are etc.

Good luck, I know my friend had a similar problem a few years ago. :rolleyes: :D

Dinky Dragon

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Just remove the age prison off it, theres nothing mental on there anyway,


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Also there are so many threads on here regarding xbox live so dont be paying just short of £50 for your live sub again:smashin:-can you not just turn off family setttings im sure you can change your settings on xbox.com or on the 360

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