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I got a netgear dg834g v3. (running aol broadband on a pentium laptop wireless network) I got the official wireless adapter on my x-box. I got the latest firmware. DHCP is on, uPNP is on, router is set to get dynamic ip from the isp. The xbox connects to the wireless network np, but no luck getting past the IP test. and yes it's on automatic. I can cope with being told to turn it all off and on, but if I need to set up a static IP and screw around with port linking and such I might just smash the thing. If I have to call AOL Imma gonna shoot myself. Thanks Dudes!!!!!!
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I have the same setup as you, and when i had a wireless adapter all i had to do was enter in the WPA key and it worked first time???????

Sorry if i'm not much help! :(


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I have the same router, your better of using it uPNP OFF, try that;)

I also have the same router and run with uPNP off. I can't remember if it was set like this by default but my 360 connected as soon as I put in the network password.


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You could try changing the encryption to WEP first to test, while not totally secure it generally is more forgiving to get a network running. If it work in WEP then configure WPA again and see if it fails.

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