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Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by Rob.Screene, Apr 14, 2002.

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    In Game, in the Oracle Reading yesterday.

    X-Box + 1 game £320

    It mentioned +controller on the box. I'm not sure if that means just the one controller or does that include an extra controller?

    What else would I need for 2-player Halo out through S-video (into Dscaler/HTPC)? Memory card? Second controller?

    I imagine it's all game stores. I didn't understand why X-box+2 games was £404???

    Halo looked nice and fun. I played with the Porsche Boxter S on Project Gotham and the handling seemed nice, just not worth getting if you already have Gran Tourismo3/PS2, as I do.

    I also played the new Star Wars Rebel Leader (Rogue Squadron2) on the Nintendo Gamecube and it looked great. Certainly enough for me to wait unti 5th May to see what happens when that's released.

    Still the X-box appears to be the only console with DD5.1 output from entire games, not just dvd/cut scenes.

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