X-Box Componet - 480 or not?

Shady Deal

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Have bog standard pal Xbox one of the very early ones. Have just got a Hi-def lead from USA and am really impressed by the better quality on my Tosh RP.

The extra video option on the dashboard about 480 resolution confuses me?? Am I correct in thinking on my box it makes no difference what this is set to?? or does my RP support this 480 option and therefore I should enable it??

Thanks if anyone can clarify this for me!!


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NeilMcrRae posted recently here that it is a Microsoft bug.

The UK Xbox doesn't have a 480P mode.


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The tosh will support 480i atleast which is what you are seeing. I'd guess that it supports 480p but as mentioned in the FAQ UK Xboxes don't output this mode owing to the bug.

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