X Box Buying Advice?


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I am thinking of getting an X-Box just wanted a bit of advice really. What is the best to buy just a standard UK PAL one or are there any advantages buying an NTSC one? And what are the advantages of it being chipped, do people just do this to play back-ups or is there some other reason? I mainly want one to play on-line with the live thingy, really like the sound of PGR2, I don't want one to surf the net or anything as I can do this on my PC, I just haven't a clue really just want some advice. Another stupid question these are obviously ok for 16:9 tv's surely? Or are they designed for 4:3 ratio. Sorry for the daft questions but I have never played on one although I have heard they are quite good.


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You can't surf the net on one anyway, regarding advantages and disadvantages of the PAL one over NTSC heck out the console FAQ.

Mod chips allow you to run other stuff on it such as divx, emulators and suchlike as well as import games

Some games have 16:9 support, some don't - I think the majority do have it.


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There is now a basic web browser available for the Xbox - called linksboks. Works quite well and now has keyboard and mouse support.


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