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Can you rub the pixels directly?

  • Yes, I can rub them

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • No, there is a glass screen in front

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Most LCD's dont have glass screen covers as this reverses the anti-reflective advantage they have over plasmas !

Its a bit of a pain really as I have a 9 month old son who takes much joy at bashing the hell out of our current 32" CRT screen !

I will just have to get Accidental cover instead ;-)


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Come on, I need more votes.

Please only people who own this set (or who have tried).

Thank you.

A big explanation (and big news!) will come afterwards.


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Don;t know if you can rub them or not but I went to see this model yesturday and it does not have a glass screen in front...no Sony screens do as far as I am aware as it increases glare.

You want to know if you can re-activate some stuck pixels ? I've heard about that elsewhere but can't see it working in all instances...depends why the pixel is stuck.

Cheers, Lee


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No LCD TV screens have glass in front of them.

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