X-10 help inc. the IR7243W


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I recently bought the IR7243W Infra-Red and RF -> X10 unit. I have noticed that when plugged into one particular 13A socket in the lounge, the A1 & A2 switch on the IR724W will not operate the corresponding modules. The other buttons, A3, A4 etc work fine on this 13A socket. However, A1 & A2 on the IR742W do work when plugged into other 13A sockets in the lounge and elsewhere in the house!

Any thoughts on this strange behaviour?

As we all know RF Remotes such as the SR13 or KR22e are set as default to Button 1 for A1, Button 2 for A2, Button 3 for A3 etc.....

This can be changed, for example, button 1 can be set to A5, and therefore button 2 would be for A6, buton 3 would be for A7, and so forth.

What would happen to button 4 on a KR22e if you set button 1 to A14? Button 2 would be for A15, button 3 for A16, and button 4???


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