Question WXA-50 Alternatives? Help me find an integrated amp+speakers solution with good wireless capability?


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Hi all,
Please forgive my complete inexperience in the field, I tried to read all I could find on the topic, but I’m here to ask your real life advice and opinions.
I’d like to get a hifi but I haven’t had one in 10 years, I’m upgrading from a Bose Sound Revolve that has been great but I’m in for an upgrade now.

I’m after an integrated amplifier with good connectivity. I don’t think I need a separate streamer, as I’m limited to Spotify.

I’d use it to play audio from
  • iPhone (or tablet or laptop), so across Airplay/DLNA or Bluetooth
  • desktop computer (via optical if possible, otherwise DLNA or Bluetooth)
  • Blu-ray player (via optical, I’m checking if it supports DLNA)
In the future I’ll get also a turntable, which can be wired via RCA or line (right?) so I’d like to have at least one line in available.

I’ll use Spotify, so would be nice to have Spotify Connect support.

I don’t need any multi-room capability, BUT I’d like to use wireless headphones when I work, especially when I’ll get the turntable.

I think I’ve already chosen the speakers, Dali Spektor 2, as I’ve seen them in action at a friends place but I’m open to suggestions.

Budget: around £400 (including speakers) but I can stretch it a bit

So far I’ve shortlisted:

Denon D-M41 - but I don’t need the CD player and only has Bluetooth in

Yamaha N470D - probably ticks all the boxes but lacks in power

TIBO Bond 4 - seems a good solution but there’s no optical in for the Blu-ray

Sonos Connect:amp - too expensive

Yamaha WXA-50: good candidate, but too expensive

Onkyo TX 8220 - can’t find reviews, maybe a bit overkill as I won’t wire 4 speakers

Denon Heos Amp - only finding average to bad reviews?

I can consider other options like a streamer/preamp wired to some good studio monitors or active speakers...?

Thank you in advance all for reading and for your time!


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I would consider the Yamaha RN602 with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 (£499) or with the Dali as you have already mentioned. If you need the built in CD player then look at the Marantz M-CR412.


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I’d seriously considering saving a little longer and lashing out around £520 if you possibly can.

Then I’d buy these.

The Yamaha is excellent, with no caveats.

It has a top class dac and preamp, Spotify connect, an analogue input and an optical input, along with DNLA and Bluetooth. All of them very good indeed.

These are a steal at full price and there’s a useful discount here.

This combination will comfortably outperform the Dalis with any amp.


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If you must buy passive stuff then this combination should very much appeal.

I’ve added some encouraging reviews.


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I would consider the Yamaha RN602

That's a good call I think. I'm considering its two little brothers, R-N303D and R-N402D, since they seem to cover already what's needed - any specific reason to suggest the 602 instead?


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This combination will comfortably outperform the Dalis with any amp.

I think you're right, I've seen the solution you suggest in other posts with similar requirements and budget. The WXC-50 seems a great option and all reviews I've seen are good.

I'll see how to listen to those Adam Audio T5V 5" since all shops near me are closed for now.
Digital Stereophony is reliable for this, right?
I see they get compared with speakers I've seen recommended in other posts, like the JBL 305P MKII and the Mackie MR524 for instance.
Would you still recommend the TV5 over the alternative?

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