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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    <br />I am deeply upset that Digital TV services suffer from DOGs, BUGs, LOGO's, Screenjunk etc.

    In a digital environment, where all receivers have an EPG and status bar, the idea of FORCING a screen contamination on ALL USERS ALL of the time, just seems insane.

    If you've ever approached a broadcaster about this problem, you will realise how flippant they can be, and how unreasonable.

    I believe that viewers should have a choice, such as with the Sky Active icon where by pressing BACKUP, the logo can be removed.

    When you think that you would not allow a buzz to damage enjoyment of your stereo, why then does it seem acceptable to spend £1000 on a 100hz widescreen TV, and then have some petty corporation stick it's "grafiti" symbol permanently on the screen ?

    All I ask for is choice in this matter, BUT with the BBC licence fee, you do not get a choice about the millions of pounds that are to be allocated to BBC THREE and BBC FOUR - with screenjunk.

    <br />I am pleased to annouce the launch of a web based campaign, that aims to publicise this isssue, provide a register of supporters, make a lobbying presence to broadcasters, publish dialogue between viewers and broadcasters, and provide supporting tools for other people wanting to fight aginst screenjunk.

    The site includes URL's of other anti-DOG sites, encourages members to submit articles, and seeks to expose factual evidence and information about broadcasters policies.

    The site has a set of clear arguments about what the problems are.

    Shortly, the site will also offer complaint generation tools and resources, to its supporters.

    This web campaign launched on 10/09/2001, and to date has 37 validated supporters.

    The only way broadcasters and politicans will notice is when 10,000 viewers express their disatisfaction about this nasty practice.

    The URL of this campaign is

    <a href="http://www.logofreetv.org.uk/" target="_blank">http://www.logofreetv.org.uk/</a>

    and I welcome anyone wishing to help in this cause.

    <br />The campaign has a JOIN facility, and a clear and simple proposal. Any viewer wishing to stand and be counted against LOGO's on their TV can do so here for a mere two minutes effort.

    <br />This campaign is NON-COMMERCIAL and FAMILLY FRIENDLY. It stand's for no other issue except LOGO-FREE TV. It will not ask for money. It has a clear privacy policy and uses licensed software.

    It will NOT be providing FORUMS or NEWS services, and I recommend all viewers to make their discusson's on their usual website.

    <a href="http://www.logofreetv.org.uk/" target="_blank">http://www.logofreetv.org.uk/</a>

    <br />yours

    EDW<br />on behalf of<br />[email protected]

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