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Hi all,

Anyone heard of the above company? They sell cheap mobile phones and plasma screens...site looks ok, but the on-line ordering pages are not secure, so I'm a bit reluctant to use them...but mobile phone prices are about half of normal retail, so I'm tempted!!


Clive G


site is not secure and you get 5% off when paying by cheque ???.

looks dodgy to me..


Dont use this site. I placed an order and instead of a order confirmation i got an email asking for mothers maiden name as a security check. I called the bank that issued the card and asked if giving out this info is ok. They said no and cancelled my card as it hadent been used yet . The bank has contacted the police and the company is being investigated. Dont make the mistake i made.


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Hi Baadshah,

Hope you're not too much out of pocket...I'm certainly glad I didn't order anything.

As an aside, any "secure" website that asks for your details should have the locked icon in the bottom right of your browser, and the web page where you are entering details should be HTTPS, not just HTTP. If they don't, avoid them like the plague!! Any "honest" company will offer truly secure internet shopping...I have brought many items this way with no problems.

Hope you can get sorted...


Clive G
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