www.digitaldirect.co.uk safe or not?


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I visited Sound and Vision's shop in Bolton the other month. Great range of demo kit to look at, and about to get a few PJ's mounted as well. I'd have no qualms about buying from them.


Didn't know they were the same company!!

........but both are fine to buy from. Never had a single issue buying from Digital Direct.


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I bought my surround speakers from them last year. My impressions were:

- Very competitive prices
- Seem to advertise everything on website as 'in stock' regardless of whether it actually is or not.
- Kept me waiting 5 weeks for my 'in stock' order. Each of my phone calls regarding the order was met with 'it's coming in next week'.

My advice; phone the order through to check stock.


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Bought my first pj from them back in about 2002/2003. Found them very good to deal with. I also bought a screen from them which had a problem and they returned/replaced it with no questions asked. Have bought several things since online including a tv. Never had a problem at all - buy with confidence as far as I am concerned:thumbsup:.


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I bought my amp from Sound and Vision. Had no issues at all. Called the store a few times and friendly service. Bought via the website.


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Bought my Bedroom TV from them. Its price was a good £200 cheaper than on the high street and it was delivered within 3 days.

I then bought a 5.1 system off them and again the price was very competitive compared to retail.

Thumbs up from me!


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Beware of 3 year guarantee. I purchased a Toshiba TV which went wrong in under one year. As it could not be replaced with a similar model I asked for my money back. I was repaid only part of the purchase price. £80 was deducted for the time I had owned it.


I bought my HD DVD E1 from them a few years ago. Still working fine.

Greg Hook

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Bought my very first 'decent' Tv from these guys. 28" Sony CRT (back in the day). Ordered friday about 3pm, came Saturday at 7.30am. :smashin: Huge great thing it was.


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Bought a TV and a DVD recorder from digital direct at different times. No problems at all and when I had cause to use their customer service about non-delivery (stupid neighbour had signed for it but not told me) they were very helpful.


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I ordered a Sony S350 from them a couple of years back. The order was taken and after a few days no sign of it being sent out. I rang them after a couple more days and they said "we are out of stock and could be weeks before getting more". They were still taking orders online for it.

I cancelled and used RGB Direct instead. I ordered at 1pm and even though using free postage (up to 5 days), it came 11am the next day.

Big Stan

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Be warned,bought Demo PJ with claimed 53 hrs when arrived 1871 hrs!!!! Cant get refund, wont answer the phone or email, broken promises etc etc-behaving like a company that is about to go bust-very bad news:mad::mad:


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Be warned,bought Demo PJ with claimed 53 hrs when arrived 1871 hrs!!!! Cant get refund, wont answer the phone or email, broken promises etc etc-behaving like a company that is about to go bust-very bad news:mad::mad:

Have you contacted the administrators?


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Digital Direct GB Ltd is classed as non trading. Even though it still files accounts, there's no money going through it.

Sound and Vision is apparently Elitemark Ltd and the company was incorporated last April.


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I have bought 3 TV's in the last 5 years from Sound & Vision, have always got a good price and delivery was spot on.

The only problem i had recently though was with the last TV i bought. Basically i wanted a Phillips 52PFL7404, I spoke to them on the phone and they said it wasn't in stock but the would have it within 14 days. 8 weeks went by and still no TV after being told "it will be in next week".

Anyway kicked off and got a Panasonic 50" G20 with a couple of hundred quid off so it worked out in the end....

As for digital direct, it is internet order only (no collection) i live 10 mins from the warehouse but was told i couldn't collect it I would have to get it delivered.

But if i ordered from Sound & Vision i can collect.. (seems a bit strange)

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