WTF is happening?


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This morning whilst having breakfast before setting off for work I was flicking around the music channels on Sky and at about 5:30 around 50% of the different stations suddenly became teleshopping. The MTV and VH1 ones were the still showingvideos/celeb lifestyle progs. and so were Scuzz, Flaunt, The Amp and Classic FM.

I've noticed that there seem to be more and more channels that have stopped showing normal progs all the time and for probably half the day they're transmitting progs. selling absolute tat or quiz shows that need you to call in on your mobile for £5.00 for 10minutes.

I had a point to this post when I started but I keep getting interupted by drivers so I've forgot. But I do feel a little beter for this rant, Thanks for reading.


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I had noticed the same thing last week. I'm sure I would have felt alot better with a bit af a rant.
On the good side that V-Slicer is a bargin :devil:

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That V Slicer is an amazing bit of kit. Got it for £15 from a market in Brum. About the only decent thing I have seen on those crap shopping channels.

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