Wtd non techie way to ceiling mount AE500

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    As the title says I want a non techie way of ceiling mounting my ae500, now I am happy with the pic the 500 provides of a portable projector trolley, but it is not the most sturdy thing, so have decided to ceiling mount it I am not looking for the perfect installation just a neat job and a reasonable picture on the screen.

    I do not mind using a little keystone correction, although so far I have been unable to get that to work correctly, i.e. if the bottom of the picture is wrong I have found using keystone corrects the bottom and sends the top of the picture out of shape, although I imagine that is just me doing something wrong.

    I am looking at these sites for a bracket http://www.robinsonselectric.co.uk/vogels_projector_brackets.htm

    Now I like the Vogels it looks really nice and is the one I would really like if it will work, regards tube lengths and so on well I just don’t know, if I buy an lmp mount I was thinking of the close ceiling mount rather than having big rods and a projector that my tall mates will bump their heads on, which is why I say I don’t mind using some keystone correction.

    Now I really want to keep things simple I have a 69" draper screen on the wall,
    now projector central says I need a throw distance of 8.1ft for my screen and I presume that is 8.1ft from lens to screen, so as I see it will I be able to purchase one of the mounts above install the mount and projector on my ceiling 8.1ft away from the screen and then by using adjustment on the zoom and keystone on the projector and tilting and turning the mount that I will be able to fill my screen with a picture that fits it pretty well, in other words the right shape 16:9, please somebody tell me this will be the case as I would like to order a mount preferably the vogels and get it installed at the weekend, so that I don’t have to spend 15mins setting up projector every time I want to use it cheers.

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