WTB: 5.1 Tallboy System


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Hello there,

I'm looking for a 5.1 tallboy system in the region of £200-£500.

I have absolutely zero preference on looks or brand, just good sound quality.

I want tallboys because I currently have a Sony DAV-D150G system and the speakers are an absolute pain to place in my living room.

I do have a few requirements for this system however:
+ Must have one/two optical in(s) (for connecting XBOX 360 and PS3)
+ Must be tallboy speakers/speakers with stands available as add-ons
+ Preferably include a Blu-Ray Player (although I'd rather have better sound than a Blu-Ray included given the choice)

Also, does anyone know of a decent place to purchase surround sound systems? Currys, play.com both seem to only have around 20 systems, few of which are tallboys - Richer Sounds has a decent selection but seems to have inflated prices. I'd be interested in a place near London that has all the systems set up in a room so I could listen before I buy, however, I doubt for a budget of £500 anyone has these kind of facilities.

If anyone could help that would be great?

Thanks for reading!


EDIT: Just wanted to add that I'm happy buying as either a complete system or seperate amp/speaker combos.
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