WTA Finals China

I've been watching these. The co-commentator Annabel Croft amused me today. She had two sorts of jewellery pieces in her hair, she wore a locket on a chain round her kneck. Large double hoop earings and a dozen different bangles on both wrists. In a very over-the-top dress she looked more like a gypsy fortune teller.

I've been watching the tennis on BT Sport for a few weeks, off and on. It's my sort of coverage, no talking heads, straight into the matches.
But not this week.
It's gone "very BBC" with a studio and pundits, with half an hour of rabbit before the matches start. Fortunately, I record it and fast-forward until the start of the games.

Even worse, there's that ubiquitous "horsey woman," Clare Balding as a presenter. She's used for Winter sports, Rugby, Track Cycling, Swimming and Tennis and she knows naff-all about any of them. But she must be considered an ideal sports presenter according to those who use her. She has "the ability to talk bollox with authority."
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