Wrong aerial type for my TV? Which adapter do I need?


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I have just moved into a new flat and the aerial cables are not the same as in previous properties and don’t fit my TV. They have a very thin wire and I believe they are for sky/freesat type boxes but we don’t have these. I need an adapter to make this fit a standard TV aerial but I’m going around in circles trying to find the right one. Please can someone explain what product I need to buy?
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This thread just below yours has basically the same problem and the answer will be similar...

It all depends on what's on the end of those two wires... and if it's a dish/lnb then you need a satellite box...

Talk to neighbours? Your Landlord if renting?

Edit: F-socket to TV plug will find the adapters e.g PROception Adaptors F-Female to TV (IEC) Male
But they will not work if the cable(s) have no UHF TV signal on them (one or the other or both cables).
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